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Sehwag: It is a baseless rumor that I under performed in the interview to keep Shastri away from the commentary box

12, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Former India opener Virender Sehwag’s childhood coach Amar Nath Sharma slammed BCCI’s decision to conduct interviews for coaches via Skype. Only Sehwag was present physically at the Wankhede Stadium’s Cricket Centre in Mumbai for the interview. But maybe the final outcome was not based on performance only. There are rumors doing rounds that Sehwag under performed in the interview to keep Shastri away from the commentary box.


Most of the media houses reported that Sehwag was a strong contender for the post citing the not so warm Sourav-Ravi equation. Even Indian fans wanted Sehwag to bring that aggressive intent in the dressing room. But sources say Sehway was in a big dilemma. After taking up commentary, Sehwag had a dream of becoming the most followed commentator in the world and for it to happen, he had to plan the ouster  of Ravi Shastri from the commentary box. He gave in to such dreams and tanked the interviews, something b-school students when forcefully interviewed for companies they don’t want to join.

But Sehwag has denied such rumors and said,” The rumors are baseless. Why would I under perform to keep Shastri out of commentary box. Shastri’s commentary has reached such levels of boredom that in the coming months, broadcasters themselves will throw him out like a  tracer bullet.  When I gave the interview all three results were possible, 1. I lose 2. I win 3. I under perform. But I chose to lose rather than under perform. Sehwag has never under performed and Sehwag will never under perform. My wishes to Ravi and am sure he will take team India to new heights, I mean to clubs which are located on mountains.”

Our Faking News team will try and bring out the truth in the matter, but till than lets hope Kohli and boys have some great time under coach Ravi.