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Shahid Afridi announces Biopic - the movie to have several intermittent breaks

22, May 2017 By RT

Khyber Agency: Shahid Afridi has announced a biopic movie of himself, from his birthplace, today. After the success of biopics on cricketers, the flamboyant youngster from Khyber has decided to make a boom boom biopic movie, it is learnt by Faking News. Afridi

“I am too happy and emotional to announce my biopic from my birthplace. There is a reason for the announcement from Khyber. No one, including the hospital staff, knows my real date of birth. I don’t know it; my family doesn’t know it; hopefully, the biopic director brings the secret out in the movie. I am waiting to know as much as the fans worldwide!”, a beaming Afridi told Faking News.

“I have carefully written the screenplay, shot by shot. The biopic will have answers to several secrets, including the 4 decades old question: when was the birthday? Also, there will be several twists in the tale about multiple retirements. The movie will have several intermittent breaks to go along with the breaks in his illustrated career”, the to be director of the movie told Faking News.

“Cricket and movies are the two biggest things in the subcontinent. Flamboyant cricketer’s biopic is going to draw the crowd in huge numbers. We are planning to release worldwide in a few thousand screens. Tell you what! We are going to release in the number of screens matching his every international run scored. Also, the fans will find out #WKKB. Sorry! I mean #WIAA (What is Afridi’s age)”, the director played the game very safely to attract the movie fans and the cricket fans alike.

Meanwhile, the actor for the lead role has refused to reveal his real age to the director and added an additional condition that he will only work between the breaks for the movie shoot schedule.