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Shahid Afridi asks team members to disclose whether they are batsman, bowler or nothing

28, Feb 2016 By dasu

Dhaka: Shahid Afridi is livid after seeing the way his batsmen capitulated against India during the Asia cup encounter. There was nothing in the performance for him to say even once that “Boys played well”. He could only say “Boy played well” for Mohammad Amir.

O bhai bowler ho ya batsman

While speaking to us after the match he said, “I can understand this kind of performance if it was a world cup match, we are used to losing to India there but it wasn’t. I told my boys repeatedly before the match that this is Asia cup, not world cup. There should not have been any confusion as this was told repeatedly in Urdu by me as well as by my coaching staf. Waqar Younis bhai even used abusive Punjabi to ensure everyone understand but totally useless.”

Furthermore, Afridi said, “Few days back Under 19 world cup was played here in Bangladesh where India thrashed us because I was not leading that Under 19 team. I sacrificed my place in that team to lead the seniors here but looks like I was better off leading that team as they had a couple of good batsmen at least. I proudly told during the toss that we have 7 batsmen but not 1 showed that they can bat.”

“Looking at our performance today, I am confused who are the batsmen in my team. It seems some bowlers who thought they will not get a chance in our strong bowling unit, have applied as batsmen. Now for the sake of Pakistan cricket all those who batted today must disclose their true identity before our all-important match against UAE on Monday.”

“My simple question to all, please disclose whether you are you a batsman or nothing? By nothing means, you are neither batsman nor bowler. As all us do not know fielding, one has to consider himself nothing if you do not have one of these two skills”, said Afridi as he walked away to announce his latest retirement.