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Shahid Afridi to reveal his real age in his autobiography, book expected to beat all sales record

05, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Lahore. Flamboyant Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi has promised to reveal his actual date and year of birth in his yet to be released autobiography – “Umra Dhalti Nahi“.

Considering the level of eagerness to know Afridi’s real age across the world, experts are claiming that “Umra Dhalti Nahi” is going to shatter records of all best-selling books till date, and overtake media’s attention to Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography.

“You guys have just few more decades to live on this planet. So, better buy my book and know the truth, before it’s too late.”

“You will not believe, besides Asians, Europeans and Americans, even Pygmies of Africa want to know how old Afridi is,” said Tim Robert, a top executive of world known publishing house DarperCollins, which is going to publish and market the much awaited autobiography. “Yes, it is indeed surprising as they are non-cricket playing nations, but mysteries attract everyone alike, it’s a human nature.”

Tim feels, just the fact that Afridi’s date-of-birth will be there in the book is sufficient enough to create mass hysteria. “We don’t think we need to do much on the marketing part,” Tim told Faking News.

In his announcement, Afridi also hinted that in the book his date of birth will be in the form of a riddle.

“If you are thinking that just by spending few bucks you will become aware of the one of the biggest secrets of the modern world, you are wrong. You will have to put in some effort,” quipped Afridi while addressing a press conference.

Adding further Afridi also revealed why he chose to write his autobiography before retirement. “People normally do such things after retiring, but as you in Pakistan cricket, you are never sure when you retire or come back after retirement,” reasoned the forever young cricketer.

As excitement is India is equally high, Archaeological Survey of India has decided to put its best treasure hunters to dig deep within Afridi’s autobiography to unearth the priceless information.

Sensing mega sales, Flipkart has partnered with DarperCollins and bagged exclusive rights to sell the book in India. Sources tell Faking News that it will be mandatory to buy a mobile phone along with the book. “Guys at Flipkart are sure that to get the book public will not mind buying even an LCD TV if they have to,” disclosed a company insider how Flipkart could use Afridi to clear its stock.

Meanwhile, bookies worldwide have started taking bets on Afridi’s age. Reportedly, most of the people are playing safe by betting on – “Afridi is still unborn”.