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Shashank Manohar refutes allegations that he gave free mixers and TV sets in return of votes

12, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Ex-BCCI President Shashan Manohar, who was unanimously elected as ICC Chairman, is already courting controversies with his appointment after there were reports that Mr. Manohar lured voters with a promise of free mixers, washing machines, TV sets and other household appliances. But Shashank Manohar has refuted these allegations and also stressed on the fact that just like BCCI, ICC elections are also held in an extremely transparent way.

An image from the video that showed Shashank Manohar distributing freebies
An image from the video that showed Shashank Manohar distributing freebies

“If there was ever a fairplay award for elections, BCCI would be on top of the list,” he said emphatically while speaking to a room full of media persons.

“What can I do if there was no one else to compete with? I was chosen unopposed. In fact, I was so upset with the fact that there was no one to compete with that we created two fictional characters: Shashank Kumar Manohar and Shashank Das Manohar. And then asked people to vote, so that there wouldn’t be any finger pointing later on. Come on these are not TN elections,” he said in an emotional tone.

However, our sources reveal that freebies were indeed given to members of ICC. A video that went viral on social media showed a senior member of ICC walking out of the ICC board room with a mixer-grinder.

Though allegations were seen flying all over the place, It was work as usual for  ICC governing council which has already started working on amending the constitution based on suggestions of new ICC chief.

“We cannot let unsubstantiated reports hamper our work. Speaking of amendments, there are a few notable ones such as 90% of all international matches to be held in India, Ravi Shastri to be team Director for all cricketing teams, Dhoni will finish the match irrespective of which teams are playing, captain of Indian team gets another chance to call the toss in case he doesn’t get it right the first time and there are more such amendments to come,” said a highly placed ICC official.

Although there seems to be very little chance that this issue may snowball into a controversy. ICC is looking to fall back on IPL’s popularity to blind the masses away from this issue.

Their only headache now remains a fiery news anchor who is reported to be taking keen interest in the news surrounding the freebies.