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Shastri, Kohli believe in mutual fund disclaimer ‘Past performance does not guarantee future returns’

23, Jan 2018 By dasu

Wanderers (Johannesburg): Ahead of the selection for 3rd test match here at Wanderers stadium, Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli have told all the players, playing 11 will not be selected as per past performance. They will pick the team whom they feel should be picked while having morning breakfast just before the start of the match.

“Being veteran investors in Mutual funds, both strongly believe past performance does not guarantee future return. Past performance is just an indicator, teams can’t be selected just by looking at that. This is what Ravi sir told me,” said one of the Indian player who did not want to be named.

When we asked the anonymous player what Kohli sir told, “After that fiery press interview no one is coming close to him. Today he scolded Shardul Thakur and Navdeep Saini when they bowled few full tosses and wide balls at the nets.”

Kohli Sir shouted at them, “You are bowling these lollipops and expect me to pick you for the team. Both politely said, they have been drafted as net bowlers as SA board did not provide net bowlers because they are afraid you might scold them like you are doing to us.”

Kohli was quick to rebut them by telling, everyone including coach Sanjay Banger, Bharat Arun, team physio, team manager all are in the reckoning for the next test match including Ravi Sir who was found doing slip catching practice.

After that Kohli and Shastri went indoors to practice for press interview on the eve of the test match. We heard Ravi saying to Kohli, “You did a very good job last time. Full 10 on 10. We are a no-nonsense team. If anyone question our performance or judgement, just go hard at them. You know whoever plays tomorrow, match result just does not matter. Even if we lose, we will still remain number 1 test team.”