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Shobha De to go on Vipassana till the end of Olympics to avoid any more stupid comments

09, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A day after attracting criticism from athletes, journalists, politicians and common people alike, alleged author and alleged TV debate expert Shobha De has decided to go for Vipassana till the Olympic Games finish. Shobha De was criticized by everyone after she said that Indian Olympians are a waste of money and they go to Olympics to click selfies.

Shobha De
“Ab Main Chup Rahoongi”

Seconds after she tweeted that, people who were already frustrated after the narrow defeats for Abhinav Bindra and Indian Hockey team, took out all their frustrations on her. Later, even journalists also criticized her and Olympians Abhinav Bindra and Jwala Gutta also expressed their displeasure at the crass comment.

Expressing her inability to stop herself from making stupid comments, Shobha De has decided to go for Vipassana till the 21st of August when the games end. “Well, personally I don’t see what is wrong with my comment, sending athletes to Olympics is a waste of money. We could have organized 10 Lifests in that much money. However, since so many people have criticized me, I have decided not to speak anything about Olympics. Now it is not possible for me to do so if I keep living in Mumbai, so I have decided to go for Vipassana for the next fortnight”, Ms. De said.

“I don’t know why people are telling me not to talk about Olympics if I don’t know anything. I have talked about so many things on news debates when I didn’t have a clue about them, then nobody had a problem. Now they are all coming for my head. Anyway, I don’t want this negativity so I am going for Vipassana”, Ms. De added.

When we asked her if this Vipassana will keep her from talking about Olympics, she said,”During Vipassana, Kejriwal stopped talking about Modi, of course it will make me stop talking about Olympics.”