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Sports Brand innovates with 'Anti Brain Fade’ shoes, Virat Kohli gives his input

10, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

Bangalore: If your brain fades while playing cricket, there might be a product for you. A sports company has innovated with a special technology in its latest shoe which is built to keep possible “Brain Fade” away.


The Indian Captain, Virat Kohli, who leaves no stone unturned to stay a passionate cricketer who plays by the rules, has been seen at the nets doing product trials. If sources are to be believed, Virat has given last minute inputs to the Sports brand, while they were developing the shoes. The brand has been sponsoring Virat for the last couple of months before entering into a long term partnership with him.

The Anti-Brain-Fade (ABF) shoe is aimed at cricketers who constantly forget cricket rules because they get extremely desperate to win. The dictionary defines the term ‘brain fade’ as the temporary inability to concentrate or think clearly. The outsole of the ABF shoe contains steel spikes integrated into foam pods. The sharp steel spikes will keep the player’s mind active and thus avoid brain fade, while the foam pods will give comfort to the feet, which is directly connected to the mind.

These shoes were developed immediately after Australian captain Steve Smith claimed that the decision to turn around and look at the dressing room for guidance on a DRS referral after he was given out in the second innings of the Bengaluru Test was a ‘brain fade.’ This happened, even though the rules of DRS clearly state that ‘signals from dressing room must not be given’.

Australian team management calls Steve Smith a role model who would never cheat. Whether the brain fade excuse was genuine or not is debatable, but cricketers now don’t want to take a chance. Hence they genuinely needed a product that would help concentrate on the field. The timing of the launch of the product is very appropriate.

At the launch party of ABF shoes, Steve Smith was invited as a special guest. He tried these new shoes and expressed his feelings to the media. “This is the product I have been looking for since so many years” Steve said after he took a little walk wearing the ABF shoes, “These shoes will keep me attentive. They work better than a cup of strong coffee. Goodbye brain-fade.”