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Sid Mallya cancels KL Rahul’s RCB contract for posing with a beer other than Kigfisher

18, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: IPL side Royal Challengers Bangalore has cancelled Indian Cricketer KL Rahul’s IPL contract with immediate effect, as per the team director Siddharth Mallya. Rahul, who impressed with the bat for RCB in the last IPL, will not be part of RCB’s challenge next year.

KL Rahul
The beer that caused the trouble

This decision was taken after KL Rahul was clicked holding a beer and it was not a Kingfisher. Rahul is currently on the tour to the Caribbean with the Indian test team. RCB is not the first body to get upset at the leaked pic as BCCI has already come down hard on the players for this action.

“This is highly unprofessional behavior by a member of RCB squad and we will not stand for it. Even though they play for RCB for only a couple of months, we expect our players to uphold our values and traditions throughout the year. If they can’t keep up with that then they can not be a part of RCB”, Sid Mallya said while addressing the press.

When we asked whether beer is against RCB’s values, Mallya Jr said,”Oh no, not at all. In fact we encourage beer but the problem is that he wasn’t drinking Kingfisher beer. As it is Papa is facing a lot of problems these days and now our own players won’t drink our beer? How willw e ever repay all those loans like this. If Kingfisher wasn’t available there then he could have informed us. We would have sent it via the next flight. However, instead of informing us and helping us improve our reach, he just went for some other beer. This is simply not acceptable.”

RCB and Indian test team captain Virat Kohli has also been reprimanded and asked to keep a watch on other RCB players in future.

Meanwhile, KL Rahul was spotted using Kingfisher water while brushing his teeth as he attempted to win his contract back.