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Simon Doull and Pommie Mbangwa demand 1 liter petrol bottles to take back home as antique item from India

28, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Former Australia all-rounder Shane Watson was back to his brutal best as he scored a scintillating 117 not out to help Chennai Super Kings to clinch their third Indian Premier League (IPL) title in front of a packed Wankhede crowd in Mumbai. This year’s IPL was exciting and most of the matches were thrillers. With the end of this season, comes the end to the commentators stay in India for the likes of Simon Doull and Pommie Mbangwa. They have been regulars at all the IPLs and just like every year, they are taking back some great memories and a unique antique item with them.


Simon and Pommie were seen asking the IPL organizing executives if they could get a 1-liter petrol bottle to carry back to their native countries. The executives were shocked by the demand as carrying petrol is strictly not allowed on flights and getting permission from the external affairs ministry is also tough on this issue. Simon and Pommie have requested the government to allow them the Souvenir as this would help promote tourism in India. In current circumstances, Petrol is the most valuable good in India and many foreigners just want to have a look at this particular commodity as it is more valuable than any ornaments or jewelry.

It is to be seen whether the ministry gives clearance to such a shocking demand, but for all their hard work and memories, the commentators deserve a prize. Taking it via the sea route would be an easy option if the permissions are not received for the in-flight movements.