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Single cricketers will now need approval from BCCI’s select committee before having sex

15, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: The controversy over Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s comments during their Koffee with Karan episode continues to haunt Indian Cricket.


With the 2 cricketers still awaiting the verdict after an inquiry that is yet to start, BCCI has decided to take steps to avoid a repeat of similar situation in future.

BCCI has decided to form a Sex Approval Committee (SAC) which will decide whether the single cricketers contracted with BCCI can have sex on any particular day or not. The explosive details revealed during the Koffee episode of Pandya and Rahul showed BCCI that young players are spending too much of their time thinking about sex and BCCI decided to form a committee to counter that.

This is done to make sure that players aren’t having too much sex diverting their minds and bodies from Cricket. Initially the proposal was to include married cricketers as well but then the idea was dropped as BCCI didn’t want to interfere in personal lives of the cricketers.

Before having sex with anyone, a contracted player will have to fill a form (will be available on BCCI website), and submit hard copy in person to BCCI office in triplicate. The form will have to be attested by a Class I government officer or an authorized notary.

Once the form is submitted, within 30 working days, the committee will make their decision, and after that, players can proceed to have sex based on the verdict. If any cricketer is found hooking up with a girl without getting this approval, they will face a lifetime ban from any BCCI recognized event, including extraaaaaaaaaaaaa innings during IPL.

During away tours, only the selected players in the squad can submit the form via courier. Contracted players not part of that tour will have to submit the form in person only.

Meanwhile, KL Rahul has hired CID team led by ACP Pradyuman to find out what did he do to warrant an indefinite suspension from the Cricket team.