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Sony successfully inserts an Ad between bowler releasing the ball and it reaching the batsman

10, Sep 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: People enjoying advertisements on Sony Pictures Network these days were left impressed yesterday when they saw an ad between the ball leaving bowler’s hand and the batsman hitting it with his bat during the ongoing coverage of the Indian tour of England. Throughout the series, people have applauded Sony’s commitment to advertisements but this was beyond expectations for even the biggest fans of the broadcaster.

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While other sports channels have repeatedly interrupted advertisements in the past to show Cricket action, replays, batsmen coming and going, Captains setting fields etc, Sony has worked hard towards minimizing these distractions and concentrate on running uninterrupted advertisements. However, there was a gap, there was no ad during the time when bowler walks back to his mark, no ad during the time it was taking the ball to reach the batsman, and again no ad during the time it took a ball to reach the boundary line.

Now, Sony has plugged all these gaps and has added clips of advertisers at those times. Speaking to Faking News, an executive producer working for the channel said,” People watch Television to catch up with the latest advertisements. Those who want to follow the Cricket do it online on Cricket websites or on social media. Therefore, it is our duty to show as many advertisements as possible and we are working hard to give the best possible experience to the viewers. In future, we will also insert an ad break between bowler appealing and umpire raising his finger or shaking his head, an ad break between ball passing the batsman and wicketkeeper gathering it and an ad break between ball touching the stumps and bails falling off.”

As per sources, during Indian tour of Australia, Sony will experiment with an uninterrupted advertisement broadcast with the current crore being displayed on the top left-hand corner of the screen.