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South Africa recruits Dhoni as finishing coach to remove their chokers tag for good

25, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Nagpur: Cricket South Africa has finally decided to take decisive measures to shed their long held tag of chokers on the world stage. South Africa has recruited Indian captain MS Dhoni as their finishing coach to help them through tight finishes at global events.

No more tears for South Africa at World Cups now
No more tears for South Africa at World Cups now

South Africa is yet to win any World Cup across ODI and T20 formats despite having one of the strongest squads over the past 25 years since their readmission. Most experts have laid blame at their inability to see tight games through till the end.

After having lost to England despite scoring 229 and then watching India win against Bangladesh after defending 2 runs off last 3 balls, South African Cricket Board came to this decision to hire India’s best finisher, MS Dhoni.

“We have coaches, consultants and mentors for everything these days. There is fast bowling coach, spin bowling coach, Venkatesh Prasad speed bowling coach. Attacking batting coach, defensive batting coach, fielding coach, wicketkeeping coach, so why not a finishing coach? After all, he is the guy most needed. If we don’t finish the match, what is the point of all other coaches?” asked a Cricket South Africa spokesperson.

MS Dhoni, who is currently captaining India in the World T20 will hold this responsibility in addition to his Indian duties. This is not the first time Dhoni has held multiple duties having accepted the post of VP in India Cements earlier.

“He doesn’t have to accompany us during the entire tournament. He can only share his finishing secrets over phone or skype or even through WhatsApp. This shouldn’t hinder his work with the Indian team at all”, said a leading South African player on the condition of anonymity.

“He has won games at the death with Joginder Sharma, Hardik Pandya etc, imagine what he will do with Dale Steyn or Rabada at his disposal. We will breeze through all the tight games instead of losing during the knockouts every time”, the player went on to add.

However, experts feel that Dhoni will struggle to get his message across to the South African team over the phone. “He will suffer a call drop before he finishes his finishing secrets”, said a renowned Indian coach.