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South African team plays mind games ahead of tour, compares Ishant Sharma’s hair to a sheep

28, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: After he managed to somehow deal with his anger management issue, Indian pacer Ishant Sharma’s latest headache is to deal with hair management issue.

South African team mocking Ishant Sharma's hair style
South African team mocking Ishant Sharma’s hair style

Ahead of the crucial South Africa tour, Ishant Sharma is the subject of mind games played by the visiting country. Apparently, the South African team has taken cognizance of Ishant’s exploits in Sri Lanka and the team is not taking the Indian pacer lightly.

“The Indian team has a home ground advantage and Ishant Sharma can literally spoil our party. Mind game is our only hope and Ishant is our target,” said a South African player on condition of anonymity.”

Some South African players were seen tweeting pictures of the Indian bowler juxtaposed with a sheep that resembled the pacer, while others were seen calling him ‘Hairy Potter’ and posting Ishant Sharma memes on social media.

As per sources from the Indian dressing room, Ishant Sharma was livid after seeing the pictures. “He is very possessive about his hair. He spends around half his match fees on hair products. Team Director Ravi Shastri asked Ishant to get a haircut on number of occasions, but he just wouldn’t listen. I am not surprised that he lost his cool after seeing the pics,” said a source from BCCI.

Meanwhile critics of the pacer were of the opinion that Ishant would be better off cutting his hair than let it be an eyesore once again.

Surprisingly, Ishant’s family too is supporting the idea of a haircut. “We are concerned not just for his cricketing career but also for his marriage prospects,” said Ishant’s father with a worried look on his face.

BCCI however, is completely supporting Ishant Sharma on this issue and also has plans to respond to the South Africans.

“We have ordered hair pieces that look like Ishant Sharma’s hair and all our players including BCCI staff are planning to wear them when they play their first match against the South Africans on 2nd October,” said newly elected BCCI President Shashank Manohar.