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Sharad Pawar blamed as cricketers commit suicide over form failure

02, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Brasilia, Brazil. At least five local cricketers are reported to have committed suicide in the last couple of days allegedly after losing their form earlier this season. While the local police is still investigating the matter, former ICC CEO Malcolm Speed has blamed Sharad Pawar, the new President of ICC, for inducing suicidal tendencies among the poor cricketers. Speed even predicted further waves of suicides by cricketers under the presidency of Pawar.

“This is just the beginning that Mr. Pawar has brought with himself. I would not be surprised if more cricketers from the poor affiliate members of ICC are driven to commit suicide in the next two years,” Malcolm Speed said, directly attacking Pawar for the first time after he expressed his displeasure with the rejection of ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard for the post of ICC Vice-President.

Sharad Pawar has a midas touch for both Agriculture and Cricket, some say
Sharad Pawar is seen here trying his abracadabra effect on international cricket, after executing the same on Indian agriculture.

Although he refused to explain his remarks, experts believe that Speed was referring to the spate of suicides by poor farmers in India, under the regime of Sharad Pawar as the Union Agriculture Minister of India, after they faced crop failures.

“Speed’s concerns are not completely unfounded. The kind of expertise Mr. Pawar has shown as a cabinet minister for food in India doesn’t bode well for the ICC, especially for the poorer members of the council,” a cricket columnist wrote, drawing parallels between agriculture and cricket.

“Results in both cricket and agriculture depend heavily on rains and soil conditions, while the final produce is never sold directly by the party toiling on the field; middlemen call the shots in both the places. Furthermore, use of technology in both the fields has failed to keep up with the modern innovations,” the columnist noted the stark similarities between cricket and agriculture, arguing that the performance of Sharad Pawar as ICC President could indeed prove similar to his performance as Indian Agriculture Minister.

Meanwhile, Associação Brasileira de Cricket, the official governing body of cricket in Brazil and an affiliate member of ICC, has refused to elaborate upon the reasons of suicide by its players, but it confirmed that the cricketers were indeed going through a bad form on field.

“One of them was wicketkeeper, whose performance was worse than Kamran Akmal’s, while two of them, aspiring pacers, were bowling worse than Ishant Sharma in IPL3. Two others wanted to become all-rounders, but they couldn’t match even Ravindra Jadeja,” a local cricketer recalled.

With this latest controversy over the cricketers’ suicides, the affiliate and associate members of ICC are in state of panic and are not sure if they should openly revolt against the presidency of Sharad Pawar.

“True, we are pretty much concerned over the future of cricket and cricketers in our country, but what can we do? We don’t have veto powers in ICC. We don’t even follow Lalit Modi on twitter. Maybe we’d dump cricket altogether and play baseball,” a member of Associação Brasileira de Cricket said on conditions of anonymity.