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Sreesanth accused of stealing towel from hotel

18, May 2013 By Guest Patrakar

Jaipur. A couple of days after Delhi Police accused him of spot-fixing in IPL matches, Hotel Jai Mahal Palace here has accused Sreesanth of stealing a towel from their premises.

Hotel manager Uday Pratap Singh told Faking News that for the last 7 days they had been struggling to reconcile a missing hand towel. They even suspended a housekeeping staff on the 7th floor where the Rajasthan Royals team stayed.

The missing towel

However, the moment Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar showed videos of Sreesanth using a towel to give signal to bookies, suspended housekeeper Sumer Singh could spot the missing asset of the hotel and quickly informed the management.

Pleading innocence in the towel theft case, Sumer Singh confirmed that Sreesanth had asked for an extra towel and didn’t even give any tip to him when Sumer obliged.

“He clearly used that towel to earn tips from the bookies while I got suspended,” Sumer claimed in a packed press conference.

Reporter Chandu Chaurasia from Aaj Tak asked the hotel manager if there was anything else missing from Sreesanth’s room, to which Uday Pratap Singh, the manager replied in negative.

“Nothing else is missing. In fact, Sreesanth has left behind a black magic voodoo doll that has face of Bhajji. We will return the doll as Mumbai Indians have cleared all the hotel bills,” Uday added.

Meanwhile the hotel management has revoked housekeeper Sumer Singh’s suspension and is now seeking damages from Sreesanth, Rajasthan Royals, and BCCI for stealing the towel.

“Delhi Police is not giving back our towel. They have seized and retained it and claim it as a vital piece of evidence in the spot-fixing scandal,” the manager rued.

The manager confirmed that they have sued Sreesanth for stealing the towel and are claiming 27 lakhs in damages from the Rajasthan Royals team and the BCCI.

When asked how did they arrive at a figure as high as 27 lakhs for just a hand towel, the hotel manager disclosed that they had received a bid for that particular towel from a Sreesanth fan, who is a London based Kerala origin comic writer.

“BCCI could give us 27 lakhs or that towel. I guess they would give us the money as they are better at auctioning things. They may auction that towel to Sreesanth fans later and make quick money,” Uday Pratap told Faking News.

Hotel management further revealed that they were planning to convert room number 709, where Sreesanth stayed, as a museum for aspiring IPL players.