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Sreesanth announces “indefinite bowling” in support of Jan Lokpal

18, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Indian fast bowler Sreesanth has extended his unconditional support to Anna Hazare in his fight to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed by the parliament. On lines of Anna’s ongoing indefinite fast, Sreesanth has announced “indefinite bowling”, where he will bowl relentlessly and selflessly, without caring to take wickets, till his “health permits”.

“I had given eight days to my country the day Anna asked us to do so. It’s just the third day today, which means The Oval test, if it lasts full five days, falls completely under this protest period,” Sreesanth told Faking News.

“If Anna could start his indefinite fast from the jail itself, I can surely start it from the middle of the ground,” the fast bowler explained why he decided to protest while playing cricket.

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth
Sreesanth on a mission to remove corruption

“I will be bowling to remove corruption, not any English batsman. Taking wickets is a selfish goal aimed at improving personal records, I’d be bowling for a bigger cause,” Sreesanth explained his plan of action and hoped that he would get support from the aam aadmi.

Sreesanth claimed that he had the passion as well as the stamina to go on this “indefinite bowling” in support of eradicating corruption from public life. It should be noted that Sreesanth had bowled 36 overs all by himself in the third test match against England at Birmingham without taking any wickets.

It’s not yet clear if Sreesanth is acting independently or he has the support of the rest of the team.

“I am sure other bowlers will join me in indefinite bowling,” Sree expressed hope, “But I’m not too sure about the batsmen if they would join the protests by going on an indefinite batting drive.”

When asked if he favored bringing BCCI and IPL under the Jan Lokpal’s office, Sreesanth said, “Jai Hind!”

Unconfirmed sources inform that Navjot Singh Siddhu too had expressed desire to go on “indefinite commentary”, but was denied permission by the government as it could cause civil unrest in the country.