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Sreesanth claims it was a muffler, not towel, thus he’s honest

23, Jan 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Kochi. Renowned dancer, singer, and cricketer Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, who is under life ban from playing cricket for his alleged involvement in spot-fixing during IPL, has claimed that he was totally honest and non-corrupt.

To prove his point, the former fast bowler has disclosed that it was not a towel, suspected to be a signal to the bookies, but a muffler that was sticking out of his trousers during the infamous over.

Sreesanth with muffler
A file photo of Sreesanth steeped in honesty

“I always keep a muffler around my face to save myself from cold and corruption. I can’t wear muffler while bowling as it violates ICC rules, which allows only batsmen and close-in fielders to wear headgears, hence I had tucked that inside the trouser,” he revealed.

“It was not a towel, which is used as a signal to the bookies,” he added.

When asked how did it prove that he was honest, Sreesanth wondered if this Faking News reporter was a paid agent of some corporate house or of some big political party.

“Muffler is the symbol of honesty like skullcap is the symbol of secularism,” he said, “Anyone questioning these symbols is dishonest and is batting for communal and corrupt forces.”

Sreesanth said that he’d soon send 370 pages of documents to prove that he’s been a “muffler enthusiast” even since he started his cricketing career.

“I cried after Bhajji slapped me because I was not wearing my muffler at that point of time. Had my cheeks been well covered with the muffler, the slap wouldn’t have hurt me,” Sree gave another evidence of his old relationship with muffler – a symbol of honesty brought to public notice by Arvind Kejriwal – thus claiming that he had been honest since ages.

The cricketer further said that he might sit on a dharna in front of BCCI office in Mumbai if his proof of honesty was ignored and the life ban was not revoked.

While BCCI has not reacted to Sreesanth’s claims, cricket fans are ready to give the bowler a second chance.

“Yaar, send him to New Zealand and put the life ban on Ishant Sharma,” a cricket fan demanded.