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Sri Lankan batsmen successfully put just woken up fans to sleep again

18, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Colombo. Many Sri Lankan fans who woke up to watch their country’s quarter final match with South Africa found themselves sleeping once again after following the Sri Lankan innings.

“Since the match was starting from 9 am, missing out on sleep was the last of our concern. But even after waking up fresh from an 8 hour sleep, I just could not keep myself awake watching Kumar Sangakkara play the kind of innings that can put Akash Chopra to shame,” claimed an Sri Lankan fan who was woken up by his boss on work desk.

Even women who are normally disinterested in cricket, found themselves dozing off.
Even women who are normally disinterested in cricket, found themselves dozing off.

While many fans echoed his sentiments, some others who boast about not needing enough sleep to confessed to getting sleepy.

“I am a very active kind of guy who hardly needs any afternoon nap or anything after I have slept during night. But watching Sri Lankan innings, I could hardly control myself and found myself getting dizzy many a times,” revealed another fan who wanted his identity to be kept under wraps, to avoid embarrassment within friend circle.

As the word spread, many insomniacs too switched on their TV sets in the hope getting the sleep that had eluded them so far.

“It’s being long since there has been a test match. We are thankful to Sri Lankan team for addressing our concerns at such an important platform and doing the needful,” one such insomniac told Faking News.

Meanwhile these fans claimed that they would get up just in time to catch the whirlwind innings of AB de Villiers.

“He has it in him to hold even the likes of HD Deve Gowda from going off to sleep,” said a man from Karnataka who was rooting for Sri Lanka in this match