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Sri Lanka's plan is to make Indian team overconfident before the World Cup

10, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Hyderabad. If sources are to be believed, Sri Lanka has deliberately lost the ODI series against India to bloat confidence of Indian team before the World cup in Australia.

Sri Lankan board, which had agreed to play ODIs in India as a part of their world cup preparation had so far baffled fans and experts if that’s how they were going to play in World Cup, but this revelation has now put things into perspective.

“Losing ODI series 5-0 is a part of Sri Lanka’s bigger strategy to win the ODI World Cup and eliminate their fiercest competitors,” a source close to Sri Lankan team claimed.

Dilshan celebrating India's victory.
Dilshan celebrating India’s victory.

The source pointed to an instance to strengthen his claims.

“During the night when everybody would leave stadium after finishing practice, Sri Lankan management would be the last one to leave,” the source revealed, “That’s where my suspicion started and decided to get to the root of the matter.”

“Next evening, on the eve of the match, I was shocked to see few Sri Lankan staff members getting on to the pitch and trying to do in what looked like an attempt to chop off whatever little grass was on the pitch,” he added, “They were trying to make an already belter pitch more belter.”

The source further claimed that Sri Lanka is well aware of India’s complacency and is sure now that they have won the series; they will lose focus and will not go all out for a whitewash.

“It is for the same reason they have sent their leading ODI run scorer Kumar Sangakkara back to Sri Lanka for the remaining 2 ODIs,” the source argued.

However Sri Lanka is worried that Indian tour to Australia just before the word could play a spoilsport to their plans.

“They fear like always, India will get a reality check there and hence may not go into the world cup with overconfidence,” the source explained.

Meanwhile another theory doing round for Sri Lanka’s woeful performance is that their cash-less cricket board is eying amnesty from BCCI after the series.

“They are just 2 more losses away from being felicitated by BCCI,” claimed Lalit Modi.