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Srinivasan donates CSK stakes to AAP, Kejriwal plans to raise money through IPL matches

14, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Ex-IPL Chief N Srinivasan has decided to donate stakes of his IPL team Chennai Super Kings to the Aam Aadmi Party in a desperate bid to mitigate the setback it received after Justice Lodha committee’s verdict on IPL betting was out.

Arvind Kejriwals IPL team. Will it help him raise funds?
Arvind Kejriwal’s IPL team. Will it help him raise funds?

Sources close to N Srinivasan said that the ICC Chairman was looking for a buyer after restrictions were imposed on his IPL team. This move will not only help Mr. Srinivasan bypass the committee’s verdict but it will also help him get a clean image. Arvind Kejriwal too is looking for funds. “There couldn’t have been a better association of two beleaguered entities,” said an official related to the deal.

AAP, which is out of funds after spending 500 Cr on making TV commercial, seeks to earn revenue through IPL matches. The party plans to  rename the team as ‘Delhi Freeloaders’. Since they do not have money to buy players, AAP members will be playing most of the matches. The team will be led by AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and other members are also expected to pitch in.

A party spokesperson said, “Everyone is doing their bit to raise funds. Those who cannot perform on field will be performing off the field. Dr. Kumar Vishwas will be cheerleading the players from the stands. Ashutosh will be doing his bit in the commentary box while Ashish Khetan will coach the team on spin bowling thanks to their prior experience in TV and print journalism.”

But many within the party are not too happy with this association with IPL given the controversies surrounding the cricketing event. A senior party leader said, “We not taking any chances. The party needs money and we are doing all we can. Our party chief Arvindji is conducting IIT coaching classes to raise money and not just that, he is also planning to sell his muffler and topi on olx. So you see how grave the situtation is.”

It’s not clear how much money the party is expecting to raise through this effort and how the party is planning to resurrect itself. When questioned about the quantum of earnings, a party worker said, “IPL is cash rich and even if we don’t win any matches, we will make enough money to create another TV commercial.”