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Star Sports channels help man watch India-Pak 2007 World Cup T20 final 4387 times

21, Mar 2014 By chaitu

Mumbai. 23-year-old cricket fanatic Sachin Sharad Ganguly (he insists upon being called by that name) has created a record of sorts after watching India vs Pakistan 2007 T20 World Cup Final for 4387 (and counting) times on different cricket sports channels of the Star network.

Experts feel that Sachin Sharad Ganguly (SSG) is not the only one as the number had been substantially increasing in wake of India playing Pakistan today in the T20 2014 world cup.

India vs Pakistan
Along with Dhoni hitting a six to win ODI world cup, this picture has been framed by many cricket fans in India, sources say.

Insiders claim that Star network has scheduled the 2007 world cup match for 189 times in the last two days in different channels of Star Sports(1,2,3 etc.) in different programs (T20 Triumphs, Jai Ho, Joginder Zindabad, etc.) in both Hindi and English.

When Faking News contacted SSG, he said, “I thank Star for airing these channels in India and showing that great match thousands of times. I have seen them so many times that it has become hard for me to believe that there were 3 other T20 World Cups. I am still under an impression that India are T20 champions. The voice of Ravi Shastri still echoes in my mind.”

SSG further claimed that he had watched the match 4387 times and will watch once more after this interview and before today’s match begins.

“I guess it was during the bilateral series between India and Pakistan in 2007, when India lost 2 ODIs against Pakistan. Star consoled the entire nation by showing that T20 match. This gave me a strange satisfaction, and ever since then, the match has become an integral part of my cricketing life. Probably I might have missed 200-300 times between 2007 September to December, but I am glad that memories are still fresh,” SSG recalled his tryst with the match.

Sources close to SSG claim that he remembers every minute detail of the match, such as when the cheerleaders dance, what’s the shirt color of the every person sitting in front row, or even how many girls were there in the stadium.

While many cricket fans have lauded Star Sports for broadcasting the match over and over again, especially after India lost to Pakistan in Asia cup, they have criticized the network for ignoring matches where Hrishikesh Kanitkar hit a four and Rajesh Chauhan hit a six to win matches against Pakistan.

“Oh yeah, let me watch those on YouTube,” SSG said when asked for his opinion.