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Star Sports to conduct an opinion poll to find out number of Football fans in India

05, Dec 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. After an online petition by angry football fans was started to revoke the premiership rights of Star Sports India, the channel has decided to conduct an opinion poll to find out the number of football fans in India.

The football fans – a disputed minority in India – are angry over non-stop reruns of cricket matches and other cricket based shows on the channel when English Premier League matches are going on.

Our team could understand only this during the whole match

Currently, 90% of programming on Star Sports is dedicated to Perfect Pujara, Outstanding Ojha, Emergence of a Star – Rohit, Swinging Shami, Majestic Mahi, Virat the Go Getter, Ishant the Run Leaker, etc. while a limited English Premier League matches are shown, that too on their HD channels.

Speaking to us, one frustrated fan Ajay Kumar, who is among the signatories to the petition, said, “What is this nonsense? Why should I miss out on football matches just because I don’t have HD subscriptions? It is not as if they are showing some important programs on regular channels at that time, it’s the same match repeated over and over and over again. They have repeated some matches so many times that by now, I can tell you how many times Pujara adjusted his L guard during his century.”

Ajay’s friend, Arsenal supporting Ravish Kumar was even angrier at Star Sports. He said, “You know Bendtner scored yesterday and I missed that due to Star Sports. This event is as uncommon as the sighting of Halley’s Comet. Now, I may have to wait 75 years to see the next Bendtner goal.”

Whether BSkyB acts on that petition remains to be seen, but Star Sports has decided to act before it’s too late. They have decided to conduct opinion polls across India to see what percentage of people will prefer a break from their regular cricket feed to see some football match.

As per insiders, YogendraYadav has already been contacted to conduct this opinion poll. However, Mr. Yadav will be clearly directed that he is not supposed to conduct the poll within Star Sports office.

“We don’t believe in internal surveys. Our internal survey might show too many football fans, but we know the world out there doesn’t think the same way as us,” a Star Sports official told Faking News.

When we contacted Mr. Yadav, he said, “It is my passion cum profession to conduct opinion polls, however, I’m now into more important things. We are going to form a government in Delhi. So they will have to contact someone else.”

“I think they should do an exit poll, which will give them a better idea,” proposed C-Voter’s Yashwant Deshmukh, “They should ask people coming out of sports bars whether they went there to see Football or Cricket or just to drink beer or to ogle at the legs of the waitress dressed in skirts.”