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Start holding catches else Papa can bring fielders from other countries too: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah to players

09, Dec 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: India-West Indies series is tied at 1-1 and the series has seen some terrible catching from Indian fielders so far. While there is some long term planning going on to improve the fielding standards, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has decided to use a different approach to improve the catching standards in the short term.


Mr. Shah has warned the players that they must not think they are irreplaceable because other fielders in the country are equally bad. He has told them that his Papa can bring in fielders from better fielding countries like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well.

Mr. Jay Shah’s father, Amit Shah, has been famous for bringing in players from the other team into his team weakening the opponents and strengthening his team at the same time.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Jay Shah said, “Look, I don’t want to get involved in team selection because that is not my job. My job is to….. is to…. well, anyway, it is not team selection, that is for sure. However, as a senior BCCI official, I just wanted to contribute to the team as much as I can. Looking at the team fielding during the past few games, it is clear that we are far behind world standards so I just told the players that either they improve their fielding to world standard or I tell papa to bring in world standard fielders to India.”

Further, he added ,”I have already discussed it with my father and told him that T20 World Cup for us is like Lok Sabha elections for you so he has already started working on it. A blueprint is ready and an international operation Lotus can be executed at any point if our standards continue to drop.”

Meanwhile, in possibly related news, Indian team was seen practicing their catching throughout the night yesterday.