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Startup run by IIT students to make aerodynamic bottles for cricket fans

07, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: The bottle throwing incident at Cuttack may have left a bad taste for many, but it has not stopped a few enterprising students of IIT Mumbai to spot a business opportunity.

Aerodynamic bottles developed by IIT students
Aerodynamic bottles developed by IIT students

Rohit Shah and Ashish Bansal, final year students at IIT Mumbai who are pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering, have come up with a new design for water bottles that will make it easier for irate cricket fans to hurl them in case of poor performance by the Indian cricket team.

Speaking to Faking News Rohit said, “Just like many others I too was watching the India-SA T20 match and was disappointed and angry at the poor show of our team. To tell you honestly I hurled a bottle myself at the TV set on which I was watching the match, luckily I missed the target. I can only imagine how angry the spectators must be who were watching it in the stadium. That’s when I got the idea of designing an aerodynamic bottle for the benefit of all cricket fans.”

“When hurled at an angle of 45 degress, the bottle can reach a horizontal distance of 100 meters with ease. The best part is you need not be inside the stadium. You can stand outside and hurl the bottle and it will still reach the target,” Ashish added.

Response has been good with many cricket fans having already pre-ordered these bottles online. “You can rant about the team’s poor performance on social media, but nothing is more satisfying than throwing bottles at them inside the stadium,” said a fan who purchased 10 bottles.

Future looks good for these final year students with their new venture making it to the list of ‘Top 10 hottest startups of 2015’.

“We are looking to improvise and our next product will be boomerang bottles. We are pretty sure that too will be a hit among cricket fans,” said Ashish as he threw a bottle at a dog barking outside his hostel window.