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Supreme Court constitutes a bench of 5 retired judges to hear appeals by bowlers during a cricket match

03, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Continuing their quest to clean up the game of Cricket, Supreme Court has now constituted a bench of 5 retired judges that will hear all the appeals made by bowlers during a cricket match. Not satisfied with the poor responses by the umpires to all the appeals, Supreme Court has decided that these appeals will be heard by SC appointed bench now.

In the end, Cricket will be the loser

“There will be an actual bench inside the pavilion during all the matches involving India. Our bench will sit on that bench and hear all the appeals made during every match involving India. Only after hearing both parties, evaluating all the evidence and proper deliberations will they give their verdict. This will weed out all the errors that have crept into the field of umpiring these days. Improving umpiring standards is the next step that the esteemed court is taking to ensure overall improvement of the game”, a member of this newly constituted bench said.

“These umpires are amateurs, they get pressurized when bowlers file their appeal in front of them and they give wrong decisions. On the other hand, we have decades of experience of dismissing appeals. We are experienced and we have the knowledge to handle these appeals appropriately. Very soon you will see a drastic improvement in the standards of umpiring”, the honourable member said.

When we asked about the time it will take for all these appeals to be heard by the bench, the honourable member said ,”Oh don’t worry, we will be fast-tracking these appeals. That means, within 10 years we will settle the first appeal. Time is of the essence here and we realize that.”

However, it has been clarified that DRS rule will still stay and any bowler not happy with the verdict given by the SC appointed bench can appeal against the decision in Supreme Court.