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Now Supreme Court asks Sourav Ganguly to write a book on Indian freedom struggle

30, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Shortly after appointing historian Ramchandra Guha as an administrator in BCCI, Supreme Court of India has directed former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly to write a book detailing the Indian freedom struggle. While Mr Guha will be a part of the panel including Mr Vikram Limaye, former cricketer Diana Edulji and the head of panel, Ex-CAG Vinod Rai, Ganguly will be on his own if he accepts this assignment.

Why me?

“There were many complaints about the lack of documentation related to the Indian freedom struggle. Many Indians felt that the available books only focused on the high profile freedom fighters and didn’t quite capture the struggle of the common Indians of the time. Therefore we decided that we must ask someone to write a comprehensive book on the whole freedom movement and that is why we have asked Sourav Ganguly to take up this assignment”, a senior Supreme Court judge told Faking News.

When questioned on the choice of Ganguly, the honorable judge said ,”We were planning to ask Mr Guha to write this book but now that we have sent him to BCCI, we started looking at cricketers to write on history so that the balance is maintained. Sourav’s aggression on the field and the pavilion balcony against England convinced us that he is the man to write about our struggle against the Brits. He has always been an outspoken person so obviously he has a lot to say, now he can put all his words on paper and help the country at the same time.”

When we called Ganguly to tell him that Supreme Court has a new assignment for him, he said he will do his best to take BCCI forward. When we interrupted him to tell him about the assignment, he slammed the phone down after muttering something in Bengali.