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Supreme Court sets annual limit for Virat Kohli's 100s to protect sentiments of Sachin Tendulkar’s fans

30, Oct 2017 By 0mar Abdullah

After setting the new norms for devotees to worship at the Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwara temple in Ujjain, Supreme Court of India sets the limit the number of 100s for Virat Kohli to protect the sentiments of Sachin’s fans. The PIL filed by Sachin Gautam asks Supreme Court to restrict Kohli in scoring 100s so that he should not surpass Sachin’s record.

When asked why he filed the PIL for this absurd and weird reason, he replied, “The way Supreme Court is delivering judgments these days on most the cases have bolstered our confidence and that’s the reason we have filed PIL.”

“Earlier Supreme Court banned the firecracker in NCR region and then set the limit on water usage to offer as ‘Jalabhishek’ at the Ujjain Temple. It gives me confidence. I want to prevent the sentiments of GodOfCricket’s fan and to my surprise they have not hear my plea but I have won the case also,” Mr. Sachin Gautam added after winning the case.

Sachin Tendulkar has not yet reacted to Supreme Court’s order but his fans are celebrating the decision. Some fans have declared it as “Historic Day” in Indian Cricket history.

But Virat Kohli’s fan is, Virat Gupta, disappointed with Supreme Court order. “These days I have lost the confidence in Court. But I hope Supreme Court won’t set the limit for Kohli’s 50s and at least allow him to surpass the number of 50s scored by Sachin,” he dejectedly said to Fakingnews.

Meanwhile, as per sources, Rajdeep Sardesai is planning to pen down his new book and title would be: “2017 Supreme Court: The decision that prevents Virat Kohli from becoming great Cricketer”.