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Suresh Raina tops ICC’s rankings of batsmen who play well in useless matches

20, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Dubai. Indian middle order batsman Suresh Raina has today done all cricket fans in the country proud by topping the newly released batsman rankings by ICC for inconsequential matches.

These matches include all irrelevant matches Suresh Raina has ever been part of like IPL (where he is highest run getter ever), Warm Ups, Champions league etc.

The rankings release after yesterday’s warm up match against England where Raina smashed 54 off just 31 balls, resulting in a comfortable victory for India, have sent the entire Indian dressing room into celebratory mood with all hailing Raina’s enviable record in such matches.

Raina Dhoni
Jovial Raina after ICC’s press release.

“He is a warm up specialist who is born for this format of the game. Going forward we intend to play him only in these games and will rest him while actual matches (matches of statistical consequence) are on so that he is fit and raring to go again for warm ups,” Indian captain Dhoni said heaping praises on Raina for achieving this feat.

“Who said these games don’t matter. It is Raina’s swashbuckling knocks in these games that totally demoralizes opponents before the actual games begin,” Dhoni defended his CSK teammate when questioned about the significance such knocks hold in larger picture.

Dhoni chose not to respond and was rushed away by Indian team’s manager for the World T20, when pointed out that Raina’s performance in warm-ups hasn’t really translated into Indian team’s success in actual matches.

Now looking at the impressive performance of Indian team as a whole in warm up games (match against Sri Lanka notwithstanding), BCCI has modified itinerary of the team and now all future series India is part of will have a 5-7 match warm up games which will follow a lone Test/ODI acting as warm up to these warm up games.

Meanwhile Rohit Sharma has asked BCCI to pressurize ICC to release another set of rankings for individual performances in nets.