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Team India demands for emergency 'leaving' coach to teach them how to leave the balls and not get out

17, Jan 2018 By RT

South Africa. At the end of second test match, Team India demands for an emergency ‘leaving’ coach to teach the players how to leave the balls and not get out. The new category of coaching, ‘leaving’ to be introduced for Team India along with batting, bowling and fielding coaches, it is learnt by Faking News.


“If only I knew how to leave alone the outside off stump ball and not edge it to the keeper, I will become the greatest all rounder of our times. But, as the fate would have it, I get out on the similar fashion many a times. This new coaching will help me out to overcome this difficulty and hopefully I score big in the third test” Ashwin told Faking News.

“Poor shot selection is the constant criticism we all hear time and again, when we perform poorly overseas. Well. Our batting coach does teach us how to bat; but never coaches us properly on the art of leaving. If we had left alone 50% of the poor shots we have played in this series so far, the result would have been 2-0 in our favour. Now, we are looking at a whitewash. We are looking forward for the new coach to join us prior to the third test” the two opening batsmen candidly talked to Faking News, on the condition of anonymity.

“I am known for not leaving anything out. I always try to hit the ball very hard, even if the ball is out of my reach. However, I was fortunate enough to play with a gentleman who scores at less than 20% strike rate. His speciality actually is non striking. I recommend his name for this new position” Sehwag recommended Akash Chopra’s name for the ‘leaving’ coach.

Meanwhile, Pujara has asked for a personal coach for ‘non-running’ techniques to not unnecessarily run and get out, in both the innings of the next test match, it is learnt by Faking News.