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Team India mistakes second ODI for a practice match, and wins

28, Aug 2014 By MRP

Cardiff, UK. In what can be termed as a blessing in disguise, the Indian cricket team mistook the second ODI against England for a practice match, played well and went on to win the match.

Team India
Victory by chance.

Some serious miscommunication by the team manager led the team to believe that the match played today was a practice match.

Of late there have been serious lapses in communication between the team and the manager, among team members as well as between teams. However the current instance of miscommunication has had its unanticipated benefit for the Indian team.

The team manager however reacted to the situation rather cautiously. “It was not my fault at all. The communication was clear that it was the second ODI and that the team should at least try to win. And that they should not wind up the match in half day, as one would expect based on the team performance in the recent test matches. I don’t know what went wrong and why the team mistook it for a practice match. Must be the hangover from last night party.”

The team captain was all smiles. He said, “We never knew it was an official ODI till the match was over. Only when we saw it flash on the giant screen did we realize we have won an official match. We were not well prepared and there was no chance of winning had we known the truth.”

Some team members though had a different version. One of them, on condition of anonymity said that he and a few others knew it was an official match. “It does not make a difference to us, whether it is a practice match or an official one. We play the same.”

One has to agree with him as it was found that this player and those he referred to had got out for a duck consistently and even in practice matches so far.

The team manager sees the development positively. “May be we should tell the boys that it is a practice match each time. They have been winning only practice matches for a long time. Otherwise there is no chance of winning any. Only, the England team should not get to know about our strategy. Otherwise they will reveal it to our boys at once.”