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Tendulkar fan stops taking bath to ensure 100th century

04, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Prashant Gupta, a diehard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, has decided not to take bath so that the master blaster is able to score his 100th international century. Prashant took this step after he realized that there was a certain positive correlation between his bathing and Sachin’s centuries.

“I perfectly remember that I had not taken bath for full five days when Sachin had scored his last test century, exactly a year ago,” Prashant claimed. Sachin had scored his last test century on 4th January 2011 in South Africa, when it was freezing cold in the national capital region.

Sachin Tendulkar
Prashant claims that he feels pure, as if he had taken bath, when Sachin pours water on... himself.

“I had not taken bath even on the New Year’s Eve last year and had continued without bathing on successive days,” Prashant recalled what he did last winter, “I took bath only after Sachin scored his century in Cape Town. I had thrown a party for my friends that night and I had to take bath.”

A final year engineering student in the National Institute of Technology, Prashant further claims that he had not taken bath even on those two days when Tendulkar scored two more ODI centuries in the ICC world cup after his last test century.

“Yes, yes, yes! Now I realize why the 100th century is not happening. I broke the chain! I had taken bath during the Quarter Final match against Australia on 24th March as Holi colors were not going away from my face. And look, though we won the match, Sachin was out after scoring only 53 runs!” Prashant provided the empirical data to back his claim.

Prashant refused to elaborate whether he won’t be taking bath at all or whether he would desist from bathing only on those days when Tendulkar would be batting. But he claimed that he could “sacrifice” anything, not just soap and water, to see Sachin score the 100th century.

However, his friends claim that Prashant is generally a lazy and stinky fellow and he has just found an excuse for not taking bath.

“He doesn’t even wash his face after brushing his teeth in the morning because he finds the water too cold,” claimed his roommate, who didn’t wish to be identified.