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Tendulkar's school changes his date of birth to ensure he remains youngest to score 10,000 runs

31, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Alastair Cook’s reign as the youngest batsman to 10,000 runs was short-lived as Sachin Tendulkar reclaimed the record after his school reported that there was an error in his date of birth. Sachin’s date of birth is now listed as April 24, 1974 in his school certificate making him the youngest to score 10,000 runs.

Sorry Cook, the record stays with Sachin

Earlier yesterday, Alastair Cook reached 10,000 runs in test cricket during the 2nd test match against Sri Lanka. He reached it at the age of 31 years, five months and five days but apparently, still couldn’t beat Sachin Tendulkar’s record.

Many ex-English cricketers and British journalists have cried foul saying that Sachin’s records were deliberately altered to keep the record with him. However, current Principal of Sachin’s school has clarified that there has been no such alteration and this was just a correction.

“There has been no hanky-panky from our end. We just realized that Sachin was born in 1974 and not 1973 and corrected it accordingly. You know how records were kept before computers were used. A water droplet must have fell on Sachin’s school certificate smudging the 4 of 1974 and our registrar mistook it for 3. Now when we heard that Cook has become the youngest to score 10,000 runs, we checked our records more carefully and realized that it is actually 1974”, principal of Sachin’s school said.

Veteran date of birth issue expert Shahid Afridi has supported Sachin Tendulkar’s new age and said, “See age is a flexible concept. One day I feel 16, next day 18 and sometimes I even feel like 40 years old when we lose. It is not surprising at all that someone’s date of birth has changed. In our domestic under-age competition, it happens every year. Players keep getting younger instead of getting older with each passing year. Tough luck Cook but if you want the record, speak to your school or get an affidavit made from a notary.”

Meanwhile, Lata Mangeshkar has also asked her school to make public her date of birth so that some comedians stop calling her 5,000 years old.