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Thanks Dhoni for the way you batted, my husband handed over the TV remote to me without asking says wife

05, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: After New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first for the Rajkot T20 international, Mrs. Shetty made up her mind, TV remote is going to remain with her cricket lover husband till match ends.

Thanks to Dhoni’s batting effort, her husband realized there can be only one winner in the Rajkot match much before the game actually got over. So, he handed over the remote to her wife and went inside.

While talking to us, Mrs. Shetty said, “Though I was interested to watch couple of my favorite TV programs, did not want to fight with him for the TV remote. Anyway, full week TV remote to mere kabza mein rehta hai, let him enjoy for one evening, I thought.”

“I wanted to complete few household chores which I have been postponing for last few weeks. I was in for a pleasant surprise, when he called me to say, Rachna, you can watch whatever you want to see, I have some urgent emails to catch up before dinner,” said Mrs. Shetty.

Mrs. Rachna Shetty added, “Though I am not an avid cricket follower, I understand the game. With Kohli batting at other end, if someone leaves the match in between, then someone from other end must be playing a special innings to kill the match so early. Dhoni has played few similar innings in the past, may be this one was extra special one, which would have allowed many to book share cabs at a discount as they would have left pubs, restaurants early avoiding rush.”

As per the reports we are getting, this was not good for Mrs. Shetty only. Many TV channels TRPs went up due to MSD effect. Set max which had planned a dubbed south Indian movie which no one is interested to watch, changed it to Sooryavansham after Dhoni started batting. They are all planning to send a thanks tweet to MSD.

In the meantime, BCCI is checking with medical consultant for Indian cricket team. “We want to know if Dhoni has some eye sight problem to see the asking rate displayed on the score card,” said one BCCI official.