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Third umpire intervenes in an IPL match after on-field umpire gives correct decision

17, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: The biggest sporting extravaganza IPL is underway and players are giving  their best to make their team win.

More than the players, umpires played a big role in deciding the qualifiers. In a match between SRH and MI, something happened that shocked not only the audience but also various cricket experts. Third umpire Sudheer Mahajan intervened when on field umpire Bruce Toxenford gave a right decision.

Drop catches and poor umpiring decisions have been the highlight of IPL 2017. Every time an umpire gives a decision, players start discussing whether the decision was right. In SRH vs MI match, played some days ago, it was 3rd over of the match when ball hit Rohit’s pads and  bowler Imran Tahir appealed. It was a plumb LBW. Bruce Toxenford raised his finger, everyone thought he would put that finger in his ear, but no. It’s out! Imran Tahir waited for a few second and then ran for 700 mtrs. Rohit Sharma started walking towards MI dugout when on-field umpires asked Rohit to wait for third umpire’s decision. After seeing replays from several angles third umpire got convinced that Rohit was out but surprisingly he overturned the on-field umpire’s decision & asked Rohit Sharma to continue batting.

In the post-match press conference, Sudheer Mahajan revealed that he did this because the umpire made a right decision and it’s totally against the spirit of IPL 2017.

Everyone in SRH was in shock after listening to this argument of Sudheer but had no option but to continue. SRH captain has accused third umpire of being corrupt too during IPL auctions.

Many cricket lovers are anticipating match fixing since third umpire had a towel tucked in his trousers.

IPL has been the source of entertainment since its inaugural edition, and IPL 2017 has made it controversial too. Stay tuned for more fake news on this fake event.