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Three people found dancing on “Jumping Jepang Jampak Jampak”, without being paid for it

09, Apr 2013 By ControlZ

Mumbai. Finally, after endless and tiresome tireless efforts by Farah Khan and the BCCI, three people have been found dancing to the “Dil Jumping Jepang Jumpak Jumpak” tune, without being asked or paid to do so.

Ravi, Sunil, and Sanjay (names changed so that they are not insulted in future) are three friends who have been spotted dancing on the IPL-6 theme song, whenever possible. The three friends don’t miss an opportunity on dancing, and even danced on the ubiquitous song when Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech at the CII event last week.

Farah Khan
The three friends call her Mother IPL

Faking News got the opportunity to interview these 3 idiots friends who were asked to stop dancing for some time, till they finish the interview.

FN Reporter : Hello guys! The IPL fever has set in, and it seems you guys have been the first in India to have caught the fever?

Ravi: Yes my friend! IPL flashes and flashes hard!

FN Reporter : So tell us, what made you’ll think of dancing on this song, when most of the people have hated the song and the steps?

Sunil : Well, initially, even we did not like it. But, then, we went to watch Himmatwala last weekend, and here we are. (starts dancing again before the FN reporter requests him to finish the interview)

FN Reporter : Can you please elaborate?

Sanjay: He means, this song cannot get worse than Himmatwala at least. After watching the movie, whenever we saw the promos on TV, we immediately changed the channel, and the only thing we saw on other channels, was Farah Khan yelling at people to dance on her tunes! Our condition worsened after that.

FN Reporter : Oh! So that is how you’ll got into the groove?

Ravi : Yes my friend! We tried to run away from Sajid, but only found Farah every where! As if that’s what the doctor ordered for us.

FN Reporter : Do you guys know, that you are the first Indians, who are dancing on this song, without being paid for it?

At this question, all 3 of them had tears in their eyes, and as Chris Gayle hit a six, they all started dancing on the song again. We could not ask any more questions to the 3 friends, as the visiting hours at the ‘Maansik Mental Hospital’ were over.