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After being told to re-apply for the job, Ravi Shastri seen learning new massage techniques

16, Jul 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The BCCI will soon invite fresh applications for the Indian cricket team’s support staff, including the head coach, and incumbent Ravi Shastri will need to reapply once his contract expires after next month’s tour of the West Indies. Ravi Shastri as soon as he learned the news from sources booked a massage learning class in Mumbai and was seen heading towards the class.


Ravi Shastri got the job of Coach of the Indian team due to his excellent event management skills in organizing after-match parties and also his team bonding activities which included sharing the same Netflix password throughout the team. He worked very hard to teach the boys some new dance moves due to which the fitness levels of the team increased.

One more important skill which Ravi Bhai possessed was massaging. He was a  pro at it but now is more determined to learn new techniques as he will have to show it in front of the interviewers. He is pretty sure that Kohli’s fitness and the fitness of the team as a whole was due to his massage giving abilities.

When our reporters asked him about his cricketing skills, Ravi Bhai told that cricketing skills will be required only after a player if fit and massage will help them attain that fitness.