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Tottenham Hotspur have filed for bankruptcy in advance for the year 2022-23 when Mourinho's contract will be over

21, Nov 2019 By Guest Patrakar

London. Jose Mourinho was the most sought after manager a few years back. But his recent record speaks otherwise. It was a surprise for many when he was revealed as the Spurs manager. But Spurs have planned everything in advance and today filed for bankruptcy as they now that Mourinho will ruin them financially.


Mourinho has already started planning about the transfers with signing Matic for 60 Millions on top of his priority. David Luiz for 80 Million will be his second decision as per some reliable sources. He also plans to sell good players like Winks, Eriksen, and Alli just like the way he sold Salah and De Bryune. Daniel Levy is pretty sure about what he has got into by taking this decision and he wants to save time on filing for bankruptcy come 2023 and hence he decided to do it today itself.

Tottenham have appointed Jose Mourinho as their new manager on a contract until the end of the 2022-23 season following a whirlwind 48 hours at the London club.Mourinho, who will earn almost double the wage of his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino at £15million a year and is expected to take training later on Wednesday.

He will buy players who demand salaries much much higher than what current Spurs players earn and that will add on to the financial pressures at the club. But we should give credit to the Spurs board for taking a quick decision.