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Try Samosa with Green Chutney, you will score goals: Nirmal Baba’s advice to Messi

25, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Indian spiritual leader and Green Chutney enthusiast Nirmal Baba has offered some advice to Leo Messi ahead of Argentina’s crucial game against Nigeria on Tuesday. Nirmal Baba has said that Messi should eat 3.46 Samosas with 78 Grams of green chutney before the game and then he will score at least 3 goals in the game.


Argentina has struggled so far in the ongoing World Cup with a draw against Iceland followed by a heavy defeat against Croatia. Now the team is staring at elimination unless they can defeat Nigeria and then hope that Iceland don’t defeat Croatia.

“Many followers of mine were looking lost these past few days. When I enquired, I came to know that the performances of Argentina at the World Cup are seriously affecting the mental health of my followers. After that, I decided to help Argentina out and upon careful consideration, I reached samosa-chutney solution”, a beaming Nirmal Baba said while blessing our reporter.

Further, he added,” For maximum impact, Messi should make sure that samosa filling is pure aloo, none of these Paneer samosas that really ruin the impact. The chutney should be made from equal amounts of dhaniya and pudina with 4 green chillies. The eating process should begin exactly 35 minutes before the game.”

When asked if he can share similar tips for Virat Kohli for success during the England tour, he said,” Kohli is too fitness conscious, he won’t eat any samosa so what is the point?”