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With two athletes less, IOA official includes wife's brother to be part of Rio contingent

26, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: With IOA making it clear that dope tainted athletes won’t be part of Rio contingent, officials are now pushing for their relatives to the part of the Rio trip.

It's not just a sporting event
It’s not just a sporting event

Sources say that a senior official has been lobbying hard for his wife’s brother to somehow make it to the list of people who will be travelling with the athletes to the games venue.

Speaking to Faking News the official in question said, “It’s common for the Olympics management committee to have their family members as part of entourage. In fact, I remember in one particular year we had few athletes compared to people from the IOA management.

“While criticizing the media for raising this issue he said, “Why this brouhaha? Just like Jallikattu, this is also a tradition we have been following for long and it is highly unlikely that it will change this year.”

Sources say that the preparations for the officials family trip to Rio are more intense that some of the athletes competing in the games. “I have hardly seen them at home. Apparently they have been shopping the entire day,” said a next door neighbor.

Meanwhile, there were unconfirmed reports that the tainted athletes are now seeking a fair trial, alleging that the entire incident is a conspiracy. Sports Minsitry has taken cognizance of their plea and is mulling transferring food samples to forensic lab under ACP Pradyuman.

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