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Umesh Yadav removed from the tour of Australia after gifting Soan papdi to Ravi Shastri

06, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Fast bowler Umesh Yadav has been quietly removed from the touring party to Australia after he sent a box of Soan Papdi as Diwali gift to Indian Coach Ravi Shastri. While selectors have officially not provided any reason for this sudden change, a BCCI insider revealed the whole Soan Papdi fiasco to Faking News.


Our source said, “First mistake Umesh made was sending sweets to Shastri Sir. We all know that he doesn’t like anything sweet but prefers chakhna namkeen. Then he made the mistake of sending Soan Papdi as the gift, a sweet everyone is sick with the sight of around Diwali. His biggest mistake, he gifted the same box that Shastri Sir had himself gifted to Virat Kohli last week. The sticker saying Best Wishes in Shastri Sir’s handwriting was still on the box!”

Circulating the same Soan Papdi box in the neighbourhood is a long-held Diwali tradition in India and apparently Umesh did the same thing and now it is set to cost him a place in Australia.

When contacted, Umesh accepted that he has made a mistake. He said, “I should have realized Kohli will not have any time to buy a box of Soan Papdi so he must have circulated someone else’s gift, it is my mistake. I should have kept that box in my house or at least changed the sticker. I am immediately rushing to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels box of Kaju Katlis to gift to Shastri Sir to get him to reconsider my spot on the Australian tour. I really want to play on those pitches after slogging in India.”

Meanwhile, several Indian cricketers were seen inside a Manyavar Showroom as they try to make sure they are dressed appropriately for the Diwali Party thrown by Captain Kohli.