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Unable to find live streaming link of Ind-Aus ODI, NRI starts missing India

17, Oct 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Jersey:  Rohan Reddy, a NRI techie who has recently applied for a green card in US is now wondering if he took the decision in a hurry. His family told us that he started missing ‘being in India’ after he failed to watch yesterday’s awesome chase by Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Last morning (it was morning in US) when Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma took guard to chase the mammoth total, Rohan was getting ready to go to office. He occasionally checked score on cricinfo app on his iPhone 5c but was not bothered much.

Rohan and other NRIs are now planning to bid for TV and Internet rights from BCCI
Rohan and other NRIs are now planning to bid for TV and Internet rights from BCCI

As soon as Dhawan started hitting boundaries and Ravi Shastri used T-word (Tracer bullet, not Telangana), Rohan got restless. Sudden nostalgia kicked in and he began reading ball-by-ball commentary on cricinfo.

It was all under control till Kohli came in and started blasting Aussie attack. Rohan saw Facebook updates from his friends in India discussing Kohli’s sixes.

That made him curious and Rohan frantically started looking for live streaming links. But he was not able to find any HD quality live streaming link. That’s when it occurred to him that he left behind an important part of his life in India i.e. Cricket.

It was a deja-vu for him and many Indians like him who have settled abroad. By the time India finished the game, Rohan went into shell.

His friends told that he got emotional during lunch as they started talking about Sachin’s Sharjah innings, Dravid-Laxman partnership at Kolkata Test Match, Kanitkar’s last ball 4 in Dhaka, Yuvraj & Kaif’s innings in Natwest trophy final and Sourav Ganguly’s shirt waiving act. The memories of 2003 WC final also came alive and he couldn’t control his tears.

Over Skype he told Shaitaan Khopdi™, “I wanted to shout, scream and dance at every six hit by Kohli. When I was in India, I could stop at any shop and ask for score and people would gladly tell. We would erupt in joy as soon as Sachin would reach 100. At Paan shops, I would listen to expert comments from complete strangers and share the joy of cricket. Here such things just don’t happen. I badly miss being in India. Now that Sachin is about to play his last match, I am going to miss watching him for one last time. Can’t we move Sachin’s 200th test match to Toronto?”

Shaitaan Khopdi™ suggested that if he can come down to India during Diwali, he can watch Sachin playing at Eden Garden Kolkata. Rohan reluctantly replied, “No man I can’t come during Diwali. How about Thanksgiving or X-mas?” Disappointed Shaitaan Khopdi™ disconnected the Skype call.