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Undertaker’s dentures fly out of his mouth as he rises from coffin with a jerk, WWE fans shell shocked

04, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

WWE Studios, Los Angeles: WWE fans were shell shocked when at the start of a fight between WWE superstars “The Undertaker” and “Randy Orton”, Undertaker’s fake teeth flied out of his mouth and landed somewhere in the audience. This apparently happened when Undertaken’s coffin was opened and he suddenly rose from his coffin with a jerk in his characteristic style.

For a brief few seconds fans shouted even more thinking it was some kind of a new stunt by WWE and Undertaker is distributing goodies to fans. But when one of the cameras zoomed on the dentures and showed them on the big screen, the whole stadium went quiet. Undertaker’s expressions could not be seen as his face was covered with hair, but fans were completely shell shocked. Randy Orton was about to hit him on the head with an iron chair, but stopped on seeing the fans go quiet.

The graveyard symphony music was also stopped and fight was halted for a few minutes until a doctor came to the ring and fixed a new denture to The Undertaker. Meanwhile Batista and Shawn Michaels came out of no-where and knocked Randy Orton out and were waiting for Undertaker to come in the ring and fight.

Undertaker on a normal day at work.
Undertaker on a normal day at work.

Steve Parker from New Jersey, a chronic Undertaker fan, was in tears while talking about the incident later , “I felt like I have been brock-locked for 2 minutes and then slam-dunked 13 times. I wanted to cry but couldn’t. This was like the most disgusting moment of my life. Denture is not something you associate with Undertaker. He is like the solid iron pillar who can never get old. Although we all can see his receding hairline, but still. This was just a very sad moment for me. I am not sure if I would be able to watch WWE again.”

Joanna, another obsessed Undertaker fan who has got his name tattooed all over her body was also in state of deep shock, “I can’t still forget when he had beaten Hitman and Owen hart alone. When he lifted Bigshow over his head and slammed him on the turf with a bang. When he threw the 500 pound Yokozuna outside the ring with one hand. Oh those were the days. And now dentures? Oh my Gawd, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Repercussions of this incident were felt in India as well due to a huge WWE fanbase in the country.

Die hard WWE fans Babloo Pandey (43) and Chhajjan Tyagi (41) from Firozpur expressed their deep disappointment over the incident, “Undertaker ke daanth toote aur hamara dil toot gaya sahab. We both have been die-hard fans of WWE Smackdown since the time it was called WWF. That night when this denture-incident happened, I and Chhajjan were getting cozy in the bed. We were already 12 pegs down each and were munching on Uncle Chips eagerly waiting for Undertaker to rise from his coffin with a jerk. We actually re-live that moment a thousand times, but this time when it happened, we both just hugged each other and cried. One thing led to another and something happened which hadn’t happened until now,” Babloo said with a shy smile.

While it is not yet clear on what impact this incident will have on Undertaker’s career and on his die-hard fans lives, his fight with The great Khali has been postponed indefinitely for now. It is also being rumored that Undertaker will now be undergoing detailed plastic surgery, complete mouth rehab, bone-reinforcement and skin-replacement grafting procedures. He will then be resurrected for the thousandth time at WWE smackdown sometime next year.