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Urgent Telephonic interview arranged for the rest of the batting lineup with karan Johar

10, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Manchester. India as started its chase badly and are in a poor state as we write this piece. We have lost 4 wickets with the top order in the pavilion. Chasing a target of 240 which looked easy was not so easy after Rohit and Kohli were out cheaply. The only way to make India win this match was by holding interview of the rest of the batting lineup with Karan Johar. Ravi Shastri came up with this idea while he was having his regular drinks during the Indian batting.


The interview is being gone on right now as we speak and MSD is the first one to go through the interview. Karan, as usual, will ask some tough questions on sex, affairs and other topics which the players would feel a bit embarrassed answering, but then that is what is required right now.

Shastri hopes that the interview will pump up the players and we will chase down the target easily. BCCI was at first shocked by this idea and gave the example of KL Rahul who despite the interview failed today, but Shastri explained to them that Pandya is a transformed player after the TV interview and there is a 50 % strike rate of Karan Johar which is still more than MSD’s.

We will keep you posted if the interview works for the Indian team or not.