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Vijay Mallya accidentally wins Gold while running away from Indian journalists in Rio

22, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Rio: Usain Bolt may have proclaimed to be the ‘Greatest Ever’, but his record was dented by beleaguered businessman Vijay Mallya after the flamboyant tycoon accidentally won a race at Rio while running away from Indian journalists.

Sources say that Mr. Mallya was at the Olympics village and has been attending events with his identity concealed.

Usain Bolt after losing to Vijay Mallya
Usain Bolt after losing to Vijay Mallya

“The huge contingent of media persons from India is the reason why Mr. Mallya has changed his appearance to look like someone with African-American looks. But on the last day of the games, the make up on his face came off as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and before we could realize, the media was in hot pursuit,” said a close aide who didn’t wish to be named.

In his desperation to avoid the reporters and cameramen, Mr. Mallya accidentally landed on the racing track where a 100m sprint was in progress.

Usian Bolt was favorite to win the Gold had to settle for a shocking 4th position after a turn of events in the final few seconds of the race.

“A man who was later identified as Vijay Mallya came from behind to beat Bolt to win the Gold medal. The silver and bronze went to reporters of Times Now and Aaj Tak respectively,” said an event official while pointing towards the footage of the race.

There were speculations that the race would be held again, but Olympic officials said that it would not be possible and there will not be any change in Vijay Mallya’s position as a Gold medalist.

It is also the first time in Olympic history that India was won all three medals in a racing event.

Meanwhile, Govt. has announced a 100% loan waiver for Vijay Mallya after his historic feat and also cash prize for the journalists who managed to bring Olympic glory.