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Vinod Kambli says Harbhajan had slapped him during 1996 world cup semi-final

18, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After making a sensational claim that the India-Sri Lanka 1996 world cup semi-final match could have been fixed, former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli has made another startling revelation that throws new light over what had happened during that historic cricket match.

Kambli has now revealed why he was left in tears towards the end of the match – he says Harbhajan Singh had slapped him.

“I was ashamed to admit it all these years but now I must tell the world everything I know,” the former left-hander told Faking News, “Kolkata crowd was getting angry as India lost wickets and suddenly this young Sikh boy came running towards me and slapped me. I was shocked beyond belief and finally I broke down.”

Vinod Kambli crying during 1996 ICC world cup semi final at Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Kambli says it was Harbhajan Singh, who made him cry back in 1996.

Kambli says that much later he discovered that the boy was none other than Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, then aged 16 years, who had then gone to Kolkata to watch the match.

“When I saw him debuting for India two years later, I felt that there was something suspicious,” Kambli claimed, “Later, when he slapped Sree during 2008 IPL, I was damn sure that he was the same guy who had slapped me!”

When asked why had he kept quiet all these 15 years and not disclosed it even when Harbhajan Singh had slapped Sreesanth, Kambli couldn’t come up with a convincing answer.

“I think Bhajji has some special powers. Everyone saw Sreesanth crying and we have photos and videos of him in tears. But have we seen even a single photo or video where Bhajji is seen slapping Sreesanth?” Kambli argued, “Similarly, I don’t have a proof to back my claim, but take it from me – it was Harbhajan who slapped me and I had to cry like Sreesanth.”

“He is a serial slapper,” he added, “And I wonder why he slapped poor Sree during IPL; he had made it large back then in 1996 itself when he slapped me during ICC World Cup.”

Harbhajan Singh, already pissed off with being dropped from the Indian team playing West Indies, has rubbished the charges and claimed that he was eating Chicken Tadoori back in Chandigarh when the match in question was going on. Bhajji also threatened to slap Kambli for real if he didn’t withdraw the charges.