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Virat Kohli asks for more ODIs against Zimbabwe to give chance to Parvez Rasool

03, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Union Minister Shashi Tharoor expressed unhappiness over Parvez Rasool not being included in any ODI cricket match against Zimbabwe, Virat Kohli, Indian captain for the current tour has asked for more matches so that he can give the Kashmiri player a chance.

“Normally I show middle finger to those who give me unnecessary advice, but these folks are very powerful and influential,” Virat Kohli explained to Faking News why he has asked BCCI to extend the super-boring Zimbabwe tour.

On being asked why he didn’t include Rasool even though India had won the series, Kohli said, “Yaar, this is not the first time some cricketer has warmed bench for the entire series. Look at Rahane.”

Virat Kohli
Kohli thinking what all responsibilities captain of an Indian cricket team has

But he quickly added that he regretted his decision of not playing Rasool in any of the matches.

“Who knows, next time there is any stone-pelting in Kashmir, these politicians and experts will blame me for destroying relationship between Kashmir and rest of India!” Kohli expressed his deepest fears.

Although candid, a usual aggressive and flamboyant Kohli appeared very nervous and apologetic over the whole issue while talking to Faking News.

“I knew that cricket diplomacy works between India and Pakistan and we cricketers are expected to do what our politicians fail to do, but didn’t know that domestic relations too were our responsibility,” Virat said.

“Blame it on my experience, maybe Dhoni would have handled it better,” he wondered.

“He is better at handling controversies. See, he kept mum on the fixing issue, and handled the controversy like Prime Minister does. But I just can’t keep silent!” Kohli added.

Sources say that BCCI is in a fix on how to handle the issue. The India-Zimbabwe tour has failed to attract attention of people, except that of Omar Abdullah and Shashi Tharoor.

“With only two viewers, even though influential public figures, we may not get enough sponsors. Even Celkon mobile will refuse now!” a BCCI source revealed.

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources suggest that Virender Sehwag has approached a Khap Panchayat in Najafgarh to agitate on his behalf and ask for his inclusion in the team.

Rasool refused to comment.

(with inputs from Mishtik Journo)