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Virat Kohli: We should get the 'fair' play award for giving a 'fair' chance to all teams in winning the IPL

15, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Winning their first match in their last eight attempts, Royal Challengers managed to get off just three wins, which would the joint second-worst return for any team in any IPL. But Virat Kohli is still upbeat. According to Kohli, his players showed a big heart in letting teams win, and for this feat they should get the fair play award.

virat kohli

Currently Gujarat Lions are leading the race for the fair play awards and RCB are sitting pretty low on the table, just like the normal points table. But Virat Kohli has appealed the organizers to check the stats properly before giving the fair play trophy.

Virat Kohli was speaking to our Faking News reporter after the Delhi match and said, “Look we agree that we had a dismal season, but cricket is a gentleman’s game and fair play award symbolizes the spirit. We gave a equal chance to all teams in winning the IPL trophy, I mean who does that in this current competitive world. Gujarat have won 4 matches which means they dint give equal chance to all teams. All I want is recognition of our efforts. My players played in the right spirit and I will fight for them.”

Suresh Raina is not the one who is impressed by Kohli’s comments, as his own team has played in the right spirit. Suresh said,”Why is Kohli bringing out the fair play issue after all matches are over. This means he wants to shift limelight from his teams dismal performance. In fact just for the fact that he is complaining about far play award, he shouldn’t be given the fair play award, because the award is for the team which takes all happenings in its strides and that team is Gujarat Lions.”

IPL organizing committee has not yet decided how they are willing to settle this issue, but if rumors are to be believed there are talks that there will be a match between RCB and GL to decide the fair play winners.