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Virat Kohli given a break from endorsements, to play the Australia series during his free time

15, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Kohli has achieved a great amount of success in a short span of time and has just entered his primes. According to Forbes reports, he made a million dollars from salary and match winnings last year. His net-worth also increased from past year’s $15 million to $22 million. He is ranked 89th in the highest paid athletes for 2017. Tissot-Introduces-Virat-Kohli-magzian-1

His brand value stands at a staggering $144 million, and he overtook Shahrukh Khan as the country’s top-ranking celebrity brand recently. he also been criticized a lot open social media as he spends too much time promoting different brands. When he took a break during the T20 series against the West Indies, people really got angry saying that he is spending too much time off the field.

After a lot of criticism, many brands have decided to give Kohli a break and allow him to play in the Australia series, as it was first decided that he might not be allowed to play the series as he had so many shoots lined up during this festive season. India will be playing 3 T20Is, 4 Tests, and 3 ODIs in Australia from 21 November to 18 January. And Indian team wanted Kohli to get some free time to play in the series as he is the most important player for India. Ravi Shastri has thanked the brands that they have given Kohli some free time as no brands would like to lose a superstar even for a single day in this age and day of brand endorsements.

Faking News reporters will continuously track if Kohli will be given such breaks in the near future too.