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Virat Kohli: Instead of spending money on players, we will spend it on creating artificial rain in Bengaluru during next IPL

15, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

With two wins from ten games in the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL), Royal Challengers Bangalore are at the bottom of the league table. All the money spent on recruiting players has gone down the drain and skipper Virat Kohli thinks it would be better if the rain water goes down the drain and earns them a point during every home match. He has promised the supporters that his team will invest heavily in creating artificial rain in Bengaluru for his team to collect maximum points during home matches.


Critics believe that RCB’s best performance was during the rain washed game against the Sunrisers as that was the only match where their batsmen were not exposed by opposition bowlers. It has been a trend that 14 points are necessary for a team to qualify for playoffs and Kohli believes he has cracked the formula to get 7 out of those 14 points easily.

Kohli was answering the question related to team composition and said “Look, we cannot repair the damage done during this season, but we have surely made some plans for the next season. Bengaluru rain has given us one important point this season and we want to make it our important investment parameter for next season. The amount of money we spend on players is too much and it doesn’t guarantee success, but investing the same money on creating artificial rain will give us sure 7 points which will make our task easy to qualify for the playoffs.”

The other teams who are also exploring such options are the Gujarat Lions, Delhi Daredevils and also the Kings 11 Punjab teams. The team owners believe that not only will their purpose of getting points solved but they will also do a service to the nation reeling under the pressure of water scarcity. The government has announced that it will help the teams by making the best of technology available for the noble cause.